On behalf of the APFAN Committee, I welcome you to our new website presence. APFAN was formed at the Third Asian Chemical Congress in Brisbane in 1989 as a special project of the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS). The aim of APFAN is to serve the needs of food analysts and thereby promote food quality and safety and good nutrition. This is achieved by promoting and supporting reliable food analysis laboratories in the region, indirectly contributing to the improvement of regional food security.

In 2019 we have celebrated our 30th birthday and we continue to build on the many workshops, training courses and conferences that we have conducted over the last three decades. APFAN is currently running a multi-phase project entitled 'Low-Cost Analytical Proficiency Testing (PT) to Improve Food Laboratory Analyses in the Asia Pacific Region', where PT samples are distributed free of charge to participating laboratories, and follow-up workshops to review the results are held in nominated countries. The goal of the current APFAN project is to provide laboratories in the Asia Pacific region access to PT trials in order to assess their performance compared to their peers. By focusing on the practical aspects of the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard, and relevant Proficiency Testing and Reference Materials Standards, this project will assist participants to identify, assess and implement actions that address any technical shortfalls of their organizations.

Membership of APFAN is free, simply by contacting the Coordinator at the email below. I look forward to further cooperation with you in the continuing activities of the current APFAN project and beyond as we realize our goal, which is to improve the proficiency and capabilities of food testing laboratories in the Asia Pacific region, enabling the participants to improve their methodologies and adopt a more uniform approach to regional food analysis.

Yours sincerely

  Mr Stewart Jones  
  Email: apfan.apfan@yahoo.com