Program General Information

Master of Science Program in Nutrition and Dietetics (International Program)

Course Type: Normal
Level: Master’s Degree

This program aims to produce graduatelevel dietitians with moral and ethical leadership. Our graduates can apply their knowledge and skills in nutrition, dietetics and food service management, and even to develop research projects for health promotion as well as prevention and treatment of nutrition and/or dietrelated diseases.

Degree Name

In Thai: วิทยาศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต (โภชนาการและการกำหนดอาหาร) : วท.ม. (โภชนาการและการกำหนดอาหาร)
In English: Master of Science (Nutrition and Dietetics) : M.Sc. (Nutrition and Dietetics)


To produce graduates who have the characteristics, knowledge and skills as follows:

  1. Behave according to morality, ethics, and professions related to nutrition and dietetics
  2. Acquire comprehensive knowledge of nutrition and dietetics
  3. Search, analyze, and synthesize nutrition and dietetic information using critical thinking, academic process, and research methodology approach
  4. Exhibit leadership and interdisciplinary teamwork skills and respect for human diversity
  5. Utilize and disseminate nutrition and dietetic knowledge using statistical techniques, effective communication, and information technology with appropriate platforms
Program Structure
Follow the Notification of the Ministry of Education on Postgraduate Degree Standard Criteria B.E. 2015 regarding Masters degree program Plan A Scheme A2. Total credits should not be less than 36 credits.

Prerequisite Courses: no credit
Required Courses: 18 credits
Elective Courses: not less than 6 credits
Thesis: 12 credits
Total: not less than 36 credits

Contact person

Program director: Associate Professor Wantanee Kriengsinyos, PhD, RD, CDT.
Tel: +66 (0) 2800 2380 ext 319

Program Secretary: Pradtana Tapanee, PhD, RD, CDT.
Tel: +66 (0) 2800 2380 ext 427

Program Secretary: Aree Prachansuwan, PhD, RD, CDT.
Tel: +66 (0) 2800 2380 ext 426