Presentation Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University


        The Institute of Nutrition (INMU) was established in 1977 with the mission of strengthening the National Food and Nutrition Act under the supervision of Mahidol University. Since INMU is an organization with expertise in public health and medicine, along with modern facilities and technologies, it is the focal point for experts on food and nutrition.
Since its establishment, and continuing to today, INMU has fulfilled its mission by conducting research at community and laboratory levels, providing education programs, conducting national and international training programs, as well as providing technical services in food and nutrition. INMU’s ultimate goal is to continually strengthen food and nutrition using whatever means possible, as well as to continue its commitment to provide people with optimal health and quality of life in order for the country to progress and extend its knowledge to neighboring countries as well.


True success is the application of food and nutrition for the benefit of humanity.


Determined to undertake food and nutrition initiatives that promote the achievement of sustainable development goals.


To be a leading international food and nutrition research institution by 2030.


    1. Create interdisciplinary and innovative research initiatives in food and nutrition that promote food system sustainability and support economic and social development for the well-being of humanity.
    2. Create and develop international standard curriculum and promote lifelong learning, as well as create human resources in food and nutrition with professional ethics and research potential to meet social needs.
    3. Provide unique academic services in food and nutrition based on research experience and to serve as an academic reference aimed at meeting national and international needs.
Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University.
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