International Publications

Article 2014

    • Pinkaew, S., Wegmuller, R., Wasantwisut, E., Winichagoon, P., Hurrell, R.F., Tanumihardjo, S.A. Triple-fortified rice containing vitamin A reduced marginal vitamin a deficiency and increased vitamin A liver stores in school-aged Thai children. Journal of Nutrition. April 2014; 144(4): 519-524.

    • Mackaman, P., Tangsuphoom, N., Chavasit, V. Effect of extraction condition on the chemical and emulsifying properties of pectin from Cyclea barbata Miers leaves. International Food Research Journal. 2014; 21(2): 799-806.
    • Gowachirapant, S., Melse-Boonstra, A., Winichagoon, P., Zimmermann, M.B. Overweight increases risk of first trimester hypothyroxinaemia in iodine-deficient pregnant women. Maternal and Child Nutrition. January 2014; 10(1): 61-71.
    • Srichan W., Kijboonchoo K., Yamborisut U., Thasanasuwan W., Deurenberg P. Multicompartment model comparison of body fat assessment in Thai adolescents. Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand. January 2014; 97(1): 71-76.
    • Ahmed, T., Choudhury, N., Hossain, M.I., Tangsuphoom, N., Islam, M.M., de Pee, S., Steiger, G., Fuli, R., Sarker, S.A.M., Parveen, M., West Jr., K.P., Christian, P. Development and acceptability testing of ready-to-use supplementary food made from locally available food ingredients in Bangladesh. BMC Pediatrics. 27 June 2014; 14(1): Article number 164.
    • Jiamjariyaporn, T., Ingsathit, A., Tungsanga, K., Banchuin, C., Vipattawat, K., Kanchanakorn, S., Leesmidt, V., Watcharasaksilp, W., Saetie, A., Pachotikarn, C., Taechangam, S., Teerapornlertratt, T., Chantarojsiri, T., Sitprija, V. Effectiveness of integrated care on delaying chronic kidney disease progression in rural communities of Thailand (ESCORT study): Rationale and design of the study [NCT01978951]. BMC Nephrology. 25 June 2014; 15(1): Article number 99.

    • Kotepui, M., Phunphuech, B., Phiwklam, N., Chupeerach, C., Duangmano, S. Effect of malarial infection on haematological parameters in population near Thailand-Myanmar border. Malaria Journal. 5 June 2014; 13(1): Article number 218.
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