Research Services
  1. 1.  Tailor-made researches and functional food product developments
    1. 1.1 Development of the research proposal for specific enquiries
    1. 1.2 One-stop services, ranging from innovation, formulation, product development, process design, quality control to nutritive value analysis
  3. 2. Consultancy until the successful implementation and commercialization of the products
  5. 3. Health claim validation
  6.       3.1 Testing and validation of health-promoting effects of foods: in vivo, in vitro, and human studies
    1. 3.2 Stability of bioactive compounds in foods

       4. Food safety and consumer protection
            4.1 Research relating to food safety for local and small industries
            4.2 Policy-oriented research on food safety management
            4.3 Assessment of the health risk from toxic substances, food contamination, and food additives
            4.4 Consumer Protection

       5. Research Service In the form of a research project related to health indicators
            5.1 Study of product shelf life
            5.2 Sensory test for assessing food preferenc
            5.3 Test for ACE inhibition in vitro
            5.4 Enzyme inhibition: lipase, alpha-amylase, alpha-glucosidase
            5.5 In vitro anti-Alzheimer activity test
            5.6 The content of Acrylamide and Saponin

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