Institute of Nutrition have internal and external scholarships for graduate students who come to study at the master’s degree and doctoral’s degree, including for attending international academic conferences which will be held in Thailand Internal funding-source is the Graduate Studies Mahidol University Alumni Association External sources include scholarships provided by the food industry or international organizations, For more information, please contact Educational Affairs Office, 4th Floor, Institute of Nutrition Tel 0-2800-2380 ext, 405, 414.

Scholarship from Mahidol Unibersity

Scholarship from external partner

    • National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)
    • The Thailand Research Fund (TRF)
    • Thai Health Promotion Foundation
    • The Royal Bangkok Sports Club
    • King Prajadhipok and Rampipannee Foundation
    • International Research Fund
    • JareepornThepPadungpornFoundation





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